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Cloud storage is one of the significant achievements of this age that has made it easier for individuals, businesses, and companies to backup their files and other sensitive information and not worry about the disadvantages of other local storage options. When it comes to cloud storage, one of the most important things is to be able to access your files and information anytime you want to.

In addition, if you are considering cloud storage options, you will have to consider the price and space made available; that is why this article centers on KatFile.com, one of the best file hosting sites. We will discuss several issues that pertain to the features, type of data that you can upload, payment options, and other things.

What is Katfile.com

KatFile is one of the most popular file hosting sites that people use for online storage and securing their most precious and secret data. There are many people, companies, and businesses that need to backup their files and several sensitive information, and using cloud storage offers a chance to store lots more without having to deal with storage issues.

With KatFile, you can upload your images, files, audio, and video. The more critical factor is that you will be able to get access to files anytime you need them.

With KatFile, you may be able to get rid of your flash drive forever, as long as you have access to the internet. Also, you don�t have to worry about the security of your files as KatFile has proven that they have very strong security that is hard to compromise.

What you can upload

When you are thinking about using a file hosting provider, you definitely have to consider the types and format of files you can upload. Some file hosting providers put a limitation on the type of files that you can upload but with KatFile, you can upload almost anything, and in any format, you want to upload.

With this freedom to upload anything, however, comes restriction against uploading some things; some of the things you are not allowed to upload on KatFile include nude images, pornography, erotic pictures, and files that have been copyrighted.

Also, some people wonder if they will be able to delete selected files after they have uploaded them to some file hosting provider; on KatFile, you will be able to delete anything you want to delete at any point in time.

While it is possible for you to lose your removal link through which you can delete any selected file, you can rest assured that your file will be deleted once it has expired.
Why You Should Use a KatFile Premium Account
Account Type Free Premium
Download volume per day 1 GB in 1 days 50 GB per day
Storage space 1 TB Unlimited
Resumable downloads No Yes
Download Speed 10 KB/Sec Unlimited
When are your files deleted? 30 days after the last download 60 days after the last download
Wait time before download 30 seconds None
Advertisements Yes No
Captcha Captcha None
Maximum Simultaneous downloads 1 Unlimited
Like most file hosting providers, KatFile offers two different plans- the free plan, and the premium plan. Even if you cannot afford paying for a premium plan, you can still make do with the free plan and enjoy some of the features it comes with. The free plan is particularly suitable for individuals whose files are not heavy. So if you need to keep some family pictures, or some audio files and video files. The free account will serve you well.

On the other hand, the premium plan comes with a lot of exciting features. One of such features is the �no download speed limit.� When you have a small file to upload, you may be able to do so with the free account which offers regular speed. However, the pre, in account offers unbeatable download speed that is required for downloading and uploading large files.

Furthermore, the premium account offers instant download; this means you don�t have to wait for the download to start every time you want to download. People under a free plan will not enjoy this benefit, and they will have to wait for some time whenever they want to download.

Another reason why the premium plan is good for you is that it contains no ads. Ads can be very informative, but at times they can be very frustrating. If you want to get rid of ads totally, you should register for a premium account.

Better still, with KatFile premium account, you will be able to download different files simultaneously. This is an essential feature for people who have a lot of files to upload; if you are using a free account, you will have to download one by one, no matter the number of files you have to download or upload.
Some of the other essential features include:
You can upload up to 20GB files
You can download any file
Files will be kept on the server for one year
No download timeout
No captcha


30 Days 90 Days 180 Days Lifetime
15.99 USD 44.99 USD 99.99 USD 199.99 USD

Payment options

All transactions you make on KatFile are encrypted and very secure, so you don�t have to worry about any of your transactions not getting through. Some of the payment options you can use on KatFile include:

Final Words
If you are looking for a file hosting service that will give you the best hosting service, you should go for KatFile. Also, you may wonder if you can get anything out of KatFile without paying; yes, you can. The free service also offers some excellent features that will serve whatever purpose you have.

With the premium feature, you can also get some additional features that you will surely need when you pay for the premium service. If you have huge and sensitive files, you should consider using a file hosting service like KatFile because things like download speed and multiple download features are really essential.

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